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Playing With ComputerCraft

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As happens every 6 months or so, I’m playing a bit of Minecraft again. This time, it’s on a server that has ComputerCraft as one of the available mods. ComputerCraft is pretty wild - you can craft computers in-game that have a working OS with a command line shell, several default programs, various peripherals (printers, disk drives, monitors), and, most fun, the little “turtle” programmable robots. LUA is the language and you can write your own programs to control the computers and turtles.

The turtles have a simple API that’s quite reminiscent of LOGO. Move forward, backward, turn left or right, move up or down, and since it’s Minecraft, you can of course dig, place blocks, and more. A turtle requires fuel to move and has its own inventory as well. It’s a pretty full-featured little guy and a ton of fun to play with. There’s a huge amount of programs written by other players out there but I’m writing my own for a bit of fun.


Simple program to dig stairs down into the ground. Places torches every other stair to keep things nice and lit. Needs some love on the fuel management side of things.

Redwood Lumberjack

Simple program to chop down the large redwoods on my server. Cuts a 2x2 level, moves up, and repeats until there is nothing detected above the turtle.

Written while the server was down so it hasn’t been tested yet!

Gist Downloader

A simple script to download a gist and save it as a program.