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What Is This Supposed to Be?

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While one doesn’t really need to validate writing or answer the question of “why am I blogging,” I figure it’s worth laying out my goals for the blog as well as spelling out who I am and who I think my audience might be.

I’m Dave. 31, married, no kids yet, Boston, gamer, nerd and web developer for 10 years. For the past 5 I’ve been lucky enough to work in the games industry building and operating web sites and backend systems. From time to time I get the itch to build my own things - one of which is Raidbots, a fairly successful information site intended for WoW raiders. You can see brief summaries of many others on the home page of this site.

My rough plan for the blog is to write about things I build, problems encountered and solved, some guides or overviews of web technology, and perhaps a bit of commentary or experiences being a gamer. I’ve often read that writing for one person can be a method to preserve a singular voice and allow the best to come out. I’ve always really liked this idea but it’s hard to come up with one person that would cover all the bases.

My current notion is that each post might be implicitly or explicitly intended for one person. A post about why I love Vim and hate IDEs might be addressed to one coworker while the beauty, utility, and necessity of understanding the command line might be to another. An overview of what I do and why I love it would likely act as a guide to my mom or dad. A quick entry on a particularly nasty software bug or conflict may be simply tossed into the ether in the hope that some poor, kindred developer or admin might save a few hours of debugging. I could even codify the conceit a bit and make up some personas as a way of categorization. I’ll keep toying with this thought and see if it’s actually useful or not.

If nothing else, the act of writing and publishing is just a good habit that I’ve been neglecting for quite a while.