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Spinning Up...

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Time for blogging once again!

After a bit of flailing, I finally have Octopress up and running. My initial attempt had an issue where ‘rake generate’ wasn’t actually doing much of anything. It clearly called out to jekyll but no generation output ever appeared. Given that I’m not a ruby expert, my best guess is that my environment just wasn’t quite set up properly.

Tonight, I followed another guide on setting up Octopress on Mountain Lion and it seemed to work without a hitch.

Also of use for my purposes was deploying to a subdirectory of a site from the Octopress documentation.

With all that, I’m in a nice vanilla state at the moment. We shall see if I go after trying to match the minimal theming with the rest of the site or if it’s time to just write some posts that have been kicking around my head for a while.